12 Must-Have Accessories For Your Aging Dog

12 Must-Have Accessories For Your Senior Doggo

Father time catches up with us all, be we humans or our dogs. With age comes new challenges, and new experiences, but also new obstacles to overcome. Aching bones, creaking joints, and trouble peeing, all the standard afflictions that plague humans also affect our dogs.

So as you might have to start walking with a cane as a human when you get into your twilight years, dogs sometimes need a bit of assistance too. These helpful accessories will ensure your dog’s advancing years are as enjoyable as possible.

Dog playing with owner

1. Dinovite Nutritional Supplements

Dinovite Nutritional Supplements for dogs

It is very important to look after the health of your senior dog and one way of doing it is by providing them with a healthy diet. Due to the age factor, they can get very picky about the type of food they like and dislike. These supplements resolve that problem

These can be sprinkled onto your doggo’s food to help them get all the amino and fatty acids they need as an aging dog. They also contain zinc and all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep their aging immune system operating at its utmost potential.

2. Pet Studio Carpeted Dog Stairs

Pet Studio Carpeted Pet Stairs

As dogs age older, it is understandable that they cannot perform at their full potential. As senior dogs, they may not be able to jump on those tall beds or couches the way they used to. As an owner, you cannot deprive your dog of the comfort of a bed or a couch.

Pet Studio came up with a brilliant solution for this. With the help of these carpeted stairs, your senior dog will never have any trouble getting on the bed, in fact, they will feel so royal doing so. The stairs can hold up to 130 pounds of weight and there are two variants, one with two steps and the other with three steps.

3. Chewable Vitamin Supplements

Chewable Vitamin Supplements

As our dogs grow up, just like humans, their immunity against diseases and medical issues starts to get weaker. Dogs have a high probability of getting arthritis with old age. In order to make sure your senior dog lives its golden years as comfortably as possible, you must cater to its vitamin requirements.

These chewable vitamin supplements do exactly that. They also help deal with the symptoms of arthritis. Vitamins are so important and their deficiency can cause serious problems, and no one wants to see their best friend in bad shape.

4. Motion Sensor Light

Motion Sensor Light

With time, visibility becomes a genuine issue for both humans and animals. With bad vision, old dogs can experience issues locating their path especially when it is dark. Even with a perfect vision, we have all stomped our pinky toes at those dark corners of the house.

Thanks to technological advancements, these plug-and-play motion sensor lights will allow your senior dog to walk around the house without any trouble, even at night. The lights turn on when they detect someone passing by them. These lights can help light their way as they wander the house at night.

5. Pet Organics Pet Spray

Pet Organics Pet Sprays

You need not worry if your older dog has started losing its perfect eyesight because Pet Organics has got you covered. Their pet spray, when sprayed around the house, would allow your Dog to use his/her sense of smell to get to you. A couple of pumps would be enough because dogs have a great sense of smell and a lot of love to guide them right to you.

6. Furhaven Extra Big Foam Pet Bed

Furhaven Extra Big Foam Pet Bed

This big and comfortable bed for pets by Furhaven comes in all sorts of colors and designs for any kind of senior dog, helping them get a good and uninterrupted sleep. We know that older dogs tend to stretch out when they sleep so it is important to have a big enough bed to cater to that sleeping position.

All you need to do is put an equally comfortable blanket on your best friend when going to sleep, and don’t get worried if he/she starts waking up late because the bed is very comfortable and irresistible to leave.

7. PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs

PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs and cats

As I already mentioned that dogs begin to get joint pain as they grow up. But the ambition to always be there for you never changes. And it is your duty to never make that senior dog feel like it hasn’t got it anymore. Well, you can do it by getting this amazing PetSafe bed ramp. 

This ramp can help your dog get up onto the bed when he doesn’t have the strength to get up on the bed anymore. Although your dog had previously been jumping on that bed, with all the energy, to come to hug you, now it will feel the need to find a new way of getting on the bed without feeling it has gotten weak.

8. Collapsible Riding Wagon

Collapsible Riding Wagon for Doggos

Adventure is something no one can have enough of. We all love going out, exploring, and having a good time in general. And by us all, I mean dogs as well. The frequency of such adventurers starts to decrease with the intervention of the age factor as the newly acquired joint pains don’t allow us to walk too long or walk at all. It’s the same for senior dogs as well but this riding wagon helps a lot with that problem.

The wagon can easily be collapsed and put in a nice spot in the house. The riding wagon will allow all the senior dogs, who have issues with walking, to still go out with their owners and enjoy the moment. This wagon can be used to transport your doggo on even the roughest of terrains thanks to the high-quality tires installed underneath.

9. Greenies Pill Pockets

Greenies Pill Pockets

I don’t think any animal has ever taken a medicine pill with a happy face. They absolutely hate it, in fact, their owners hate to give it to them but it has to be done for their good health. And in the case of older dogs, it is extremely important to never miss a pill but we know they can get moody, thanks to their age, and may not want to eat it.

Greenies’ Pill Pocket helps resolve this issue for both the owner and the old dog at the house.  These will ensure your doggo takes his medicine without any major complaints. They have a slot that allows you to stick your doggo’s pills inside a chicken-flavored treat.

10. Walking Wheels Wheelchair

Walking Wheels Wheelchair for Dogs

The ability to walk allows us to do so much. In order to comfort us and keep us joyous, dogs take a lot of help from their healthy paws but that does not mean the inability to walk is the end of things. Many dogs are born without complete mobility or lose the ability to walk during their life.  Does that mean they can never entertain us anymore? Absolutely not.

The Walking Wheels wheelchair is a great tool that your pet can wear and with the help of its front legs, the wheels on the back legs move to allow it to walk around normally. It may take a little practice at first but once it gets the hang of it, I am sure your dog will be utilizing this new tool to walk around as it used to before.

11. Raised Food and Water Bowls

Raised Food and Water Bowls

With old life comes a lot of pain. Body aches are one of those issues that senior dogs face. Even very little movement can cause it and it hurts all owners to see their babies in pain. When it comes to eating their food from the bowl, dogs have to bend their neck down and get low to the ground to eat which can result in their bones aching.

Elevated food and water bowls are a very simple yet extremely effective solution to this problem.  As the name suggests, the table brings the food and water bowl to the dog’s eye level and they don’t have to bend down to eat it. Here’s to easy and comfortable eating without having any concerns about body pains once the meal is done.

12. OxGord Pet Stroller for Dogs

OxGord Pet Stroller for Doggies

Treating your senior dog like a little baby in its ‘olden days is all it wants and this OxGood stroller can help you do it. The stroller comes equipped with a seatbelt that you can put around your dog so it can rest inside securely as you walk it around. It also has high-quality breaks that can easily allow you to get down steep roads without the fear of losing control.

There is also a window that can be zipped on to keep the bugs out. Don’t worry about suffocation because the window has a mesh design that allows a great flow of air keeping the ventilation good. And no, the rain won’t stop your dog from being mobile because there is a waterproof covering that comes out from the back of the stroller on top of the dog inside.

And of course, the best part. The stroller will allow you to continue enjoying those little walks together. This is also an option if your doggo is no longer as mobile as he used to be.

So as your dog enters his advancing years, keep these products in mind. There’s a lot to be said about aging with style and comfort, no one wants to be old and infirm, and that goes for dogs too! So be kind to your old pets and maybe integrate some of these products into their lives to make them feel more comfortable with their old age.

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