Internet Is Obsessed With This Ridiculously Adorable Doggo With Mouse Ears

What do you get when you mix a dog and a mouse?

Adorableness! Yes, That is actually Goma’s second name and I am not at all making this up. You’ll understand perfectly once you take one look at Goma. I am not hyping her adorable look either. She really does look like a cross between a mouse and a small dog. I know I am totally gushing.

But just look at this face!


How can you not love her face?


Her adorableness is making people melt all around the world.


She even has 55000 fans. That is seriously 54999 more than me!


She looks like this is because she is a cross between a Maltese and Papillon.

She also has a charming personality to match the rest of her.


She is really curious about cats too but gets scared of them at times.


I think my mind might have overloaded on cuteness.


But can you really blame me?


She might be a dog but she has sponsors!


She even has merchandise! How can someone not love her!?


This is seriously one busy doggo.


People are calling her mickey mouse dog and I totally get why.


What about you?

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