Photographer Takes Amazing Portraits Of Dogs With Specific Objects That Represent Their Inner Selves


These objects perfectly capture these dogs’ personalities.

They might not be 100% right, but they do come quite close. I know that we can’t actually speak in their language, but dogs can be quite expressive at times. And it is up to us to interpret those signs. And this photographer definitely did just that! The person behind this is the amazing dog photographer Alicia Rius, and we can’t get enough of her new series “A Dog’s Life.”

This is probably how dogs view themselves as. But we wouldn’t know that for sure until we invent some kind of device that lets us translate them to us. Until then we have these adorable pictures to keep the holes in our hearts filled. Everyone gets attached to particular objects, and that is also true for dogs.

So scroll below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

#1 Bear – The Neurotic.


Personality trait: Channeling his frustration by chewing EVERYTHING.

#2 Knuckles – The Fetcher.


Personality trait: Knuckles is an achiever, and his goal in life is to fetch ALL THE THINGS.

#3 Marmaduke – The Stray.


Personality trait: Marmaduke is a scavenger, whose hard-knock life on the streets before his rescue has made him who he is.

P.S. Marmaduke is up for adoption.

#4 Lola Rose – The Princess.


Personality trait: Lola is a Princess and a beloved only child in her family, and she acts like it.

#5 Zig – The Best in Show.


Personality trait: Zig is a perfectionist, an overachiever, and a competitor who spends his days competing in dog shows.

#6 Magda – The Senior.


Personality trait: Magda is full of love and optimism in spite of the difficult journey she has had through illness and abandonment before finding a loving home.

Following is the whole crew behind these amazing pictures.

Photographer: Prop Buyer & Stylist: Alicia Rius (Instagram: @aliciariusphoto)

Prop Stylist Assistant: Emily Baker

Digital Technician & Lighting Assistant: Alex Kapustin from Rig Studio L.A

Animal Handler: Rachael Green (Hollywood Animals)

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