5 Amazing Things Doggos Can Sense Before They Happen

I’m sure you’ve noticed your pupper hiding away, cowering or borkin’ his heckin’ head off for seemingly no reason and wondered what he’s all bamboozled about.

The thing is, dogs are very sensitive and intuitive creatures. They can sense emotional disturbances in their homes – say if you’ve had a bad day and you’re upset or the kids are losing their minds because they’re stuck inside due to a storm. Not only can they sense emotional disturbances, but physical ones as well, such as drastic weather changes. Some people even believe that dogs are so in-tune with the universe that they can sense if someone is going to pass away. Spooky!

Here’s a little list we’ve compiled on things that your doggo can sense before you can, or before it has even happened.

#1. Earthquakes


There are recordings from as early as Ancient Greece, stories of dogs going missing only a short time before a tragic earthquake in Helice. China also has similar stories of dogs showing signs of major distress and trying to flee before there were even any signs of seismic activity. We all know that dogs are very aware of their environment and what’s going on around them, but some seismologists are taking these accusations to the next level and theorizing that a dogs hearing is so perceptive, they can hear rocks crumbling underneath the Earths surface. Others say that dogs can feel the seismic activity through their paws. Either way, if your dog starts freaking out (especially in earthquake-prone areas) their behavior is not to be ignored.

#2. Storms


Similar to earthquakes, dogs can sense when something is about to go south. Storms create an electromagnetic force, which for you or I is no big deal because we don’t know a storms coming until it’s on top of us. On the other hand, a dogs olfactory senses are about 100 times more sensitive than that of a human and most likely sense the electrical current in the air. Now, that paired with thunder that your pooch can ear from several miles away and it’s no wonder that they go crazy when thunderstorm is rolling in!

#3. Illness


Humans put out odours with certain illnesses, particularly cancers and diabetes. Smells like these are too faint for us mere mortals to sense, but your pooches snoot will undoubtedly pick up something. If your canine is obsessively sniffing at a particular part of your body on multiple occasions, it would not be silly to seek medical advice.

#4. Seizures


No one really knows how our little wonder pooches know what they know, they just do. We put it down to instinct. Some dogs are trained to warn their owner of an oncoming seizure so that they can put themselves somewhere safe and soft, to avoid hurting themselves. Some dogs may even lay on top of their owner during the seizure, or find someone to help. Not all dogs are trained to do this, but many just know. 

#5. Labour


There have been multiple documented reports of dogs predicting the onset of labor in their pregnant owners. The main warning sign was being complete shadows of their owners the day prior or day of the onset of labor. People have made plenty of guesses as to how these puppers knew that their to-be best friends were on their way – guesses such as – sensing physical transition in their pregnant owners to her giving off a ‘labor scent.’

Our floofy pals are truly incredible!

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