Bagel Shop Employee Takes Pictures Of Doggos That Come To Her Drive-Thru & Their Faces Are The Purest Thing

Few would call working in a drive-thru bagel shop the best job in the world. Angry customers, grumpy bosses, the constant pressure to deliver on time. But Natasha, an employee at Einstein Bros. Bagels in Florida, has found a way to turn the soul-sucking drudgery of working in customer service into a rewarding experience… By snapping Instagram pics of any and every doggo who turns up with their owner to grab a bagel!

So take a moment, maybe grab a bagel, and check out these oh-so-pure faces of doggos in the bagel shop drive-thru. Who knows, maybe you’ll recognize someone?


#1 This guy knows he looks good on camera!

#2 Surprise!

#3 The fluffiest face in the world!


#4 Double the doggos, double the purity!

#5 When your bro likes having his picture taken, and you just can’t!

#6 He’s either about to bork or jump in to eat the bagels


#7 Give. Me. The. Bagels.

#8 Grumpy about not getting to drive!

#9 Hello friend!


#10 Naw! Just look at that face!

#11 Merry Christmas!

#12 Get in close and smell the bagels!

#13 This stylish guy knew he was up to be photographed today.

#14 Adorable pupper is ready for his closeup!

#15 Another pupper who loves the camera!

#16 He can smell it, but will he get to taste it? Only his owner can decide!

#17 Pug life,

#18 Before and after Instagram fame!

#20 He’s a model, not a fighter.

#21 Mom and child

#22 Please can I has bagels?

#23 Those eyes

#24 One guy even brought his kitty along for the ride

#25 Army mom and her black lab

#26 “Say cheese!”

#27 Old doggos need camera time too

#28 This bearded cutie cannot wait for lunch!

#29 All strapped up and ready to go!

#30 Little doggo, big camera

#31 Check out the wee guy who was caught on the spot!

#33 Older couple with the cutest pupper

#33 Sometimes you snap your pic at the wrong moment

#34 This guy is so camera shy.

#35 …this guy is ready to boop!

#36 Getting a good scratch in.

#37 The undisputed fluffiest doggo yet!

#38 More fluffy doggos

#39 A beautiful shot of a beautiful pupper

#40 This old guy knows his angles.

#41 …this wee guy doesn’t know how cute he looks!

#42 Benefits of being a small doggo: More leg room!

#43 The dramatic look away

#44 Good boy!


#45 These two look ready for a night on the bagels!

#46 Boopable snout? Check. Big pupper eyes? Check. Great photo? Check.

#47 Viva la bagels!

#48 All he wants is walks, and bagels!

#49 Probably time for a haircut

#50 This guy is so shocked

#51 Another golden-faced pupper of purity

#52 This guy’s got a pretty sweet ride!

#53 She wasn’t quite ready

#54 And this one is so small he can barely look out the window

#55 Tough doggos need love too

#56 Another doggo who knows his angles.

#57 And this one is just too cool for school.

Personally, I hope this trend catches on. I’d love to see McDonalds Drive-Thru doggos or maybe KFC drive-thru doggos? What would be even better is if every place of business had an hour a day where a bunch of dogs came to visit. That’d be a surefire way to improve team morale! Or at the very least give them a bit of a break.