7 Best Dog Foods For Huskies In 2023

Best Dog Food For Huskies In 2023

Huskies are very picky about their diet so you should serve yours exactly the kind of food it wants and it should fulfill all the daily nutritional requirements as well. So the food your Husky eats on a daily basis should be of the highest quality and it should be protein-rich. According to the majority of vets and Husky owners, the ideal diet for a husky should contain about 20% protein for that dog to function ideally.

As I mentioned, the need for food never dies and Huskies require the best of the best. The real question is, which dog food is suitable for my Husky and which one out of those suitable ones should I get?

Worry not because out of this huge market, we have picked out the best food options for you to feed your Husky. All the mentioned options will satisfy your dog with its taste and keep their nutritional needs fulfilled as well.

1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Wellness CORE grain-free dry food for Huskies is one of if not the most popular and famous dog food on the market. And that is mainly because this dry dog food has got all it takes for your Husky to develop those strong muscles and gain the energy to get through its actively playful day. Wellness CORE Dog food is rich in protein that comes from deboned turkey in it.

And the salmon oil incorporated makes the fat-content high, making the meal moist and nourishing. And the antioxidants will allow your Husky to do whatever it wants all with a healthy heart. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this one. Yes, it is a bit expensive but the quality provides bang-on value for money.

2. Victor Super Premium Dog Food

Victor Super Premium Dog Food

We haven’t forgotten about your senior Huskies. Just like little Husky puppies or middle-aged Husky dogs, the senior Huskies too require a specifically created diet that is most suitable for them and allows them to perform at their full potential.

If you have got a senior husky, this Victor Super Premium is just the dog food you should get. it has glucosamine and chondroitin incorporated in it which helps keep those joints and bones strong and healthy for a longer period of time and you know what age does to them.

The protein sourced from beef and chicken will allow your dog’s aging muscles to keep developing at a rate good enough for your senior Husky to perform its daily tasks. This dry dog food is pretty affordable if we compare it with other dry food options in the overall dog food market.

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness Natural is a dog food specially created for Husky puppies to enjoy and get the nutrition required for growth. It contains just the right amount of protein that comes from deboned chicken in the meal. It helps the muscles to quickly develop as the little puppy grows. The meal is filled with all the required vitamins and minerals for your husky to grow big and strong, the way they are supposed to be.

The outstanding factor about the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Food is that they contain two specific fatty acids known as DHA and ARA that help with good eye development while the puppy grows, providing good, sharp vision. Blue buffalo dog food is slightly on the expensive side as compared to the others in the same category but it is an irresistibly good one.

4. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Pacific stream by the Taste of the Wild is another dry dog food option for your adult Husky to enjoy as it contains delicious Salmon which fulfills your dog’s protein requirements and the Omega fatty acids that keep its skin and coat nice and fresh.

The fruits and vegetables in this dog food will provide your Husky with a natural source of antioxidants and minerals to keep it super healthy and energetic when needed the most. This nutrient-filled dry dog food will keep your senior Husky’s joints strong and smooth. It is available in the same price range as most of the products mentioned in this post so far so it is pretty affordable.

5. ORIJEN Dog Puppy Dry Food

ORIJEN Dog Puppy Dry Food

As the name suggests, the ORIJEN puppy dry food is diet-rich thanks to a combination of fresh and raw meat, organs, cartilage, and bone. Now that sort of diet is bound to make your Husky pup healthy, big, and strong in no time at all.

Your puppy will get all its nourishment and deliciousness from all the proteins in the dog food like free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. There are also plenty of vitamins and minerals in it for the maintenance of fresh skin and coat of your Husky.

6. Nulo Freestyle Limited Ingredient All-Breed Dog Food

Nulo Freestyle Limited Ingredient All Breed Dog Food

Many Huskies are more sensitive and allergic to various nutrients. In order to avoid such a case of your Husky ending up with a bad stomach or allergies, you should get this dog food by Nulo Freestyle. Combinations don’t work too well for all dogs so this dog food contains only the required amount of ingredients. The protein is sourced from only one kind of meat and that is salmon. There are very few carbs in this product.

One major feature of this dog food is that it is made for Huskies at all stages of life. You don’t need to look for a different kind of dog food for your Husky when it is a puppy or when it turns into an adult. The protein, amino acids, and good flavor all work together to make your Husky strong, healthy, and happy.

7. Wellness Complete Health Senior Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Senior Dry Dog Food

Complete Health is another dry dog food product by Wellness that made it to our recommendation list. As I said, you can’t go wrong with Wellness as a brand so this dog food for senior Husky is a great option to go for. With age, our senior Huskies develop issues with regard to digestion, skin, coat, joints, and bones, as we have already discussed.

Consider this dog food a magical meal for your senior Husky as the nutrients and the proteins combined together to deal with all the mentioned issues. The chicken provides enough protein to keep those muscles strong and working efficiently.

The antioxidants in the meal help keep the dog’s immune system healthy, and the vitamins will keep your dog sharp and active. Moreover, the amino acids keep the dog’s joints strong. This high-quality dry dog food will cost you the same as all the other options mentioned in this list.

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