7 Best Dog Foods for Joint Health of your Doggo

One issue that all dogs in the world have to deal with is joint pain, and it comes with age. And there are also some breeds that face this condition from a very young age.

In order to help our dogs have healthy joints, it is advised to sit down with your dog’s veterinary doctor and devise a rock-solid treatment plan and implement it with responsibility so your dog doesn’t have to go through pain. One major part of the treatment process, or to avoid the joint pain entirely is to provide your dog with a healthy, nutritious meal that contains components directly aiding your dog’s joint health.

Today, we saved you the hassle by visiting the market to pick out the absolute best dog foods you can feed your dogs to keep their joints healthy and pain-free.

1. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Mobility Support Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Mobility Support Dry Dog Food

For some dogs, you need to provide a bit more push regarding supplements and food to help them deal with joint pain. For such cases, we have this natural dog food by Blue Buffalo. This product is recommended by the vets but must only be used if prescribed, that is why you cannot purchase it without a vet’s prescription.

Dry dog food contains a lot of joint support supplements incorporated into a formula that also helps maintain your dog’s weight and in some situations, with better mobility dogs also lose some weight allowing them to function better and feel energetic.

Along with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, the meal has fish as its first ingredient so not only will your dog feel the absolute best, but also enjoy the delicious taste of the meal. Just like all the other prescription-based dog foods, this one is also a bit expensive but it is bound to do the job that is for sure.

2. Purina ONE +Plus Joint Health Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE +Plus Joint Health Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for dog food that isn’t expensive, provides more value as compared to what you are paying for, a meal that is protein-rich, and can also help your dog with joint-related issues, this Purina ONE +Plus dry dog food is the one you should go for.

The dog food formula contains fish oil and glucosamine that work together to help your dog with good mobility which in turn will allow them to have a healthy and fit heart owing to more walking. The main ingredient in this dog food is real chicken which coupled with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients provides a 27% protein content which confirms the great health of your dog.

Dog food does contain high calories so owners must be careful with the portion sizes when feeding it to senior dogs.

3. Merrick Dry Dog Food, Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Grain Free Dog Food

Merrick Dry Dog Food, Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Grain Free Dog Food

Although it is not marketed as a product that helps dogs deal with joint pain, this dry dog food by Merrick is certainly one of the best dog food out there that helps cater to your dog’s joint-related needs. Dog food contains three components that work only towards providing the dog with healthy joints which are glucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids, and chondroitin.

The Merrick dry dog food is also best at what it is marketed for, and that is to provide your dog with excellent health thanks to deboned, real beef being its first listed ingredient and thanks to other ingredients like beef liver, blueberries, sweet potato, and salmon oil your dog is bound to feel a great taste and enjoy the food. You also don’t have to worry about any allergies due to the dog food being grain-free.

The 22-pound bag is very expensive but when a single product takes care of so many matters, you feel like going for it…and it will definitely be worth it in terms of value addition.

4. Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d Joint Care Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food

Hill's Prescription Diet j d Joint Care Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food

Here’s another dry dog food that is clinically proven to better your dog’s joint health thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and EPA contained within the formula. The vet-approved product can only be purchased with a prescription as per the advice of your dog’s doctor.

The source of protein listed as the first ingredient is real chicken, which along with pork will provide your dog with the required amount of protein and other nutrition for it to sustain good health. Normally in dog foods packed with this many ingredients focused towards the dog’s health, the calorie count is a bit high but Hill’s Prescription Diet dog food has managed to keep the calorie count low with their efficient work, so you don’t have to worry about your senior dog gaining weight because of this product.

This Dog food can be purchased in a 27.5-pound bag, which is a prescribed product, and is quite expensive when we compare it to other dog foods available in the market.

5. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Large Joint Care Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Large Joint Care Dry Dog Food

To keep a dog interested in dog food, you have to make sure you get one that is rich in protein and contains the right amount of fat to make the meal delicious. This Royal Canin dry dog food contains multiple sources of protein that collaborate to provide your dog with 24% protein content in every portion of the meal it eats.

This product also excels in providing your dog with joint support and dealing with joint pain as well through the inclusion of Chondroitin sulfate and collagen in the formula. The product is made to show the best results for medium and large dogs. However, it is an expensive product so not all dog owners may be able to afford it every month for their pet.

6. Dogswell Nutrisca Hip & Joint Dry Dog Food

Dogswell Nutrisca Hip & Joint Dry Dog Food

Dog foods that contain joint-supporting ingredients in them are usually quite expensive for many dog parents. This kibble by Dogswell solves that problem by being affordable while steal catering to your dog’s joint pains. The product is specifically formulated to help your dog with joint pains related to hips, elbows, and knees, the three most important parts of the body a dog needs to stay mobile. To help with that, the product contains glucosamine and chondroitin.

This dog food also contains sweet potatoes and blueberries to provide high energy levels as well as a good taste to the meal. The Dogswell Nutrisca dog food has chicken as its main protein source, is grain-free so you don’t have to worry about any allergies, and contains a component known as “taurine” which works to keep the dog’s heart healthy.

All of this at an affordable price will make any dog owner want this product for their dog.

7. Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Natural Puppy Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Natural Puppy Wet Dog Food

There are situations in which little puppies are born with joint issues. Something goes wrong in the development process while the pups are still in their mothers’ wombs and they develop such an issue by birth. Don’t worry if your puppy has a joint-related problem because the Blue Buffalo Baby Blue wet dog food takes care of that very well.

Carefully added 10% protein content coming from Turkey will help your puppy in the whole muscle development product and provide it with the energy to use those strong muscles. Along with all the required minerals and vitamins to promote healthy growth, the formula also contains omega-3, omega-6, and fish oil to help support your puppy’s joint health, aiding the overall mobility of the dog.

The product is grain free and comes in a pack of 12 with each can weighing 12.5 ounces. And it is quite affordable.

Again, no dog owner wants to see their dog in pain and I hope by getting the most suitable dog food from this provided list, your best friend comes to ease by having healthy joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dogs get joint pain?

Dogs are either born with joint-related issues because of it being built into their heredity and we cannot control genetics. This is known as a developmental problem. Another reason is associated with degenerative problems due to which the dog develops joint pain over time and almost always it is due to age.

What is the most common joint issue a dog can have?

Due to genetics, the dog can be born with joint pain in any joint part of the body but due to the age factor, the most common joint-related issue dogs develop is Canine Cruciate Ligament problem (CCL) which is the degeneration of tissues over time due to excessive use of muscle resulting in more and more joint pain if not dealt with.

Where in their body do dogs suffer the most joint pain?

It is the joints that the dog’s mobility entirely depends on which are the hip joint, the knee joint, and the elbow joint.

Do all senior dogs need joint pain supplements?

It is not necessary to provide your senior dog with joint pain supplements but there is no downside either so you won’t be causing any problems by giving it those supplements. In fact, supplements are good for everyone. Humans take them and it is not necessary that you have to have pain or an issue to take them. For adult dogs, it can enhance mobility providing your dog with a good quality of life.

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