Best Dog Toys in 2023 to Entertain Your Dog

  • By nishwa
  • December 26, 2022
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Best Dog Toys in 2023 to Entertain Your Dog

Toys for your dog can encourage mental and physical stimulation as well as dental health. Your bond will also get stronger with your dog if you play fetch, frisbee, or any other engaging activity with them.

While there is so much potential good that comes from Toys, we understand that it can get tricky choosing which toy to get for your dog, which is why we are going to share a list of toys our dogs love. There is so much variety of toys available for small dogs, large dogs, puppies, aggressive dogs, and even dogs with anxiety.

Choosing a toy for your dog can depend on many factors such as the material, size, and interactivity. Dogs can get hurt by swallowing toys that can block the airway or get caught in the intestines. That is why you must keep an eye on your dog while it’s playing with toys.

1. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Dog Puzzle Toy

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Your dog will love this toy the most. It has 6 squeaky squirrels in the plush trunk, and the dog hunts for the squirrels through the holes. This toy improves hunting instinct and encourages problem-solving skills. Your dog will throw, chew and play with the squeaky squirrels for a long time.

There is enough space inside the trunk that you can fit more toys or treats in it for a longer and more enjoyable playtime for your doggo. It comes in 4 sizes; small, medium, large, and jumbo so every dog can have fun. The squirrels are not suitable for large aggressive chewers but, the good part is that they are replaceable.

2. KONG – Chewable, Natural Rubber Toy

KONG – Chewable, Natural-Rubber Dog Toy

This toy is designed especially for destructive chewers. Your dog can chew and fetch it, your dog can play with it longer if you stuff it with treats, like kibble. You can freeze peanut butter inside it too because doggos love it.

Kong as a brand is known for its strong and durable materials, that’s why you shouldn’t fear that your dog will chew it apart. Just remember to purchase the right size for your Doggo. It teaches impulse control and problem-solving skills to your dog and we definitely recommend it.

3. Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Interactive Treat Puzzle Game

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Interactive Treat Puzzle Game for pets 2023

A Now this one is most certainly a more challenging toy for your dog to improve intellectual skills. In this puzzle game, you can hide your dog’s entire meal in all of the compartments, or you hide a treat in any one compartment. Your dog will open and find the food, and thus will be rewarded.

But you must only let your dog use this under supervision as it is made of small parts which if your dog swallows would cause it to choke.

4. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy for pups

If your dog has separation anxiety or if they get very stressed during fireworks/thunderstorms, this is the perfect toy to calm them down. This heart-shaped toy can provide physical warmth to your dog with its disposable heat pack and a battery-oriented heartbeat that can be switched on & off. Your dog can cope with stress in the best way possible by snuggling up with this toy.

5. Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Instead of getting multiple tennis balls, which are less durable and harmful if a part of them is swallowed, get the Chuckit ultra ball. This ball can fly high and have a great bounce and it will even float on water, so your dog can play with it in swimming pools or on the beach.

You and your dog will face no problem if they want to play in the mud, rain, or on wet grass. Chuckit ball launcher is also a good option to buy with the ultra ball.

6. OurPets Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

OurPets Treat Dispensing ball toy for dogs

This durable plastic ball dispenses treats and kibbles while your dog rolls and plays with it. It is great for eye and paw coordination. But be careful not to over-feed your dog with this toy. The ball can be disassembled, so you can easily open it up for cleaning.

A ball filled with treats can never go wrong for your dog, they will love it. Even though there is very little chance of your dog swallowing the ball but we still recommend that you always let them play with it under supervision.

7. Benebone Maplestick/Bacon Stick

Benebone MaplestickBacon Stick made of real maple

Have yu got Dogs that are Heavy chewers? We got you covered. This flavored bone stick is made of durable nylon material which is great for aggressive dogs. The guide comes with it which indicates when you need to replace the toy stick. You should also consult the vet to know if it is healthy for your dog’s teeth specifically, so you can avoid any possible risk.

8. goDog Checkers Plush & PlayClean Squeaky Dog Toy

goDog Checkers Plush & PlayClean Squeaky ty for pets

If you have a large dog, it might have ruined its childhood favorite chewable toy. It’s time for you to get them a new chew toy that has a durable/indestructible squeaker inside. This toy is a great choice as it comes in 3 styles; dinosaur, dragon, and alligator. Get the right size for your dog, and even if it breaks within 30 days of purchase, they will replace it with a new one for free.

9. Feeko Dog Rope Toy

Feeko Dog Rope Toy

This rope toy is made from polyester and cotton, which for all intents and purpose makes it unbreakable. Your dog can play with it in so many ways, but we’re sure the one they’ll love the most will be a tug of war.

You can also throw it to play fetch, and your dog can chew it to play when they are bored. It’s strong and comes in different sizes and we recommend it for your dog if you don’t have any toy for your doggo for this particular kind of activity.

10. KONG – Flyer, Rubber Disc

KONG – Flyer, Rubber frisbee disk

Don’t you dare forget about this toy before you and your dog go to the park or beach. This frisbee is made from flexible and durable rubber, which goes easy on your dog’s teeth when they grab/catch it.

Playing with this toy promotes better instincts, and it’s a healthy exercise for your dog. It is very affordable and of course it also comes in different sizes, so select which will suit your dog the best.

11. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy full of treats

This food dispensing toy has an anti-slip bottom which makes it wobble as your dog plays with it. You can fill it up with kibble or treats so your dog is encouraged to reward itself. Keep them under supervision as they play with this toy, as dogs can get frustrated/stressed.

There is a possibility that they choke on the treats because of the stress. It has a dual chamber design that can fit 3 cups of food and as convenient as that is, never let your dog overeat.

Trust us, your dog will absolutely love playing with these toys. All of these are enjoyable, healthy, and safe options. Get your dog one of these toys OR, what we recommend is getting them more than one kind of toys from this list. You can also send a gift to a dog parent you know and love.

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