This Bulldog’s Adorably Cute Reaction to a Horror Movie is Going Viral All Over the Internet

  • By Silas
  • December 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Dogs can sense ghosts, they said.

Quite truly said. A bulldog has gone viral on Imgur and YouTube for what she did while her family watched a horror movie. While most of the times it is annoying when someone makes noises when you are trying to watch a movie, this dog’s reaction is utterly cute.

Khaleesi, the bulldog, desperately tries to warn her favorite character in The Conjuring when she senses something wrong. She growls, and barks, and moans, but to no avail.


Her character does not heed her warnings, naturally, and this would be quite frustrating when you are a dog and have no concept of moving pictures. But, hey, we’ve all been there, wishing that the character we like does not do something stupid which they end up doing eventually. Khaleesi is just doing what’s right, and you can’t blame her for trying to bark some common sense into that character.

The dog lovers of Imgur quickly jumped to the praise of this brave bulldog and a million other viewers nodded in approval.

“Conclusive proof that horror movie protagonists really are less intelligent than dogs. Come on writers.”

“If you watch the YouTube link, he barks in all the right places. Wow. He doesn’t bark at the family just the thing that’s bad.”

“Dogs only have three modes: ‘What do?’ ‘Where go?’ And ‘I help?'”

Dogs understanding and responding to what is happening on TV have become more common with the arrival of better quality HD screens, according to The Bark. These TVs have a faster refresh rate, and that helps dogs understand what is going on and see the pictures more clearly.

This comment sums up what it must have been like for Khaleesi after her vain efforts to save movie characters from ghosts.


Gone are the days when your dog would lie down with disinterest when you catch up on a movie.

They wouldn’t even comfort you anymore when you get scared because they would be busy barking away the scary people that come on-screen. That’s good in a way though, right?

With the rising interest that dogs have been showing in entertainment, a new TV station has started just for them. Dog TV is where these intelligent canines would now find their own amusement. The colors, sounds, and camera angles have been adjusted to make the shows more appealing to them. Dogs prefer shows that feature other dogs. Spongebob Squarepants is another favorite, as the Columbus Dispatch found out.

The next time you find your dog engrossed with the TV instead of guarding the house, don’t be surprised. At least those people on the TV screen wouldn’t be able to hurt your family with your dog defending you.

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