Castiel The Dog Was Too Scared To Leave His Corner But Look At Him Now

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 12, 2017
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Meet Castiel.

He’s a scared, stray dog found in the suburban area of Los Angeles and he was scrawny and skinny. He had no family to speak of, and no one to turn to. This is the story of his journey from being the shy, timid pup who couldn’t even look human beings in the eye, to the happy, go-lucky animal he blossomed into.

Source: TheDodo, WOLF Sanctuary

It wasn’t clear how long he had been there.

Or if he was someone’s pet, or a stray, or just lost. It wasn’t clear, and it was difficult to find out.

He looked healthy from a distance, but up close?

Riddled with parasites, severely emaciated, and had lost many chunks of his fur because of his isolation.

In fact, Castiel wasn’t a dog at all.

He was a hybrid. A wolf-dog hybrid. It was then that it became a race to save him.

Most agencies don’t have the necessary equipment to care for wolves or wolfdogs.

So when Colorado’s W.O.L.F. Sanctuary stepped in, they saved his hide. Michelle Proulx, director of animal care said: “Our director had a number of dogs,”

Castiel would spend most of his time recovering and resting.

“The infirmary was located at her house and we noticed him getting really, really interested in other dogs.

He craved friendship and companionship.

So we knew he was starting to get lonely for canine companionship and wanted to find a companion for him.”

So they looked for a female wolf dog nearby who needed shelter.

“We got a hit almost immediately,”

The Gray Wolf Wolfdog Rescue in Wisconsin was where they found Castiel a friend.

“This is an indicative of the problem that’s out there, that there’s so many of them in need of homes.”

Her name was Tenali, and she was three years old.

“They said she was really sweet and that there isn’t an animal she doesn’t get along with,”

They were a great match.

“We thought that would be great for Cas, who needs that friendship.”

Tenali and Castiel found each other against all odds.

“We didn’t want to have him, while he’s not feeling well, feel like he has to defend or protect himself from an animal that isn’t quite a good match,”

And he’s completely unrecognizable now.

“When we first put them in together, she just wanted to play and Castiel was just a little bit overwhelmed with the attention,”

You can’t tell Castiel from who he is now to what he used to be when they found him.

“He went from not having much and being alone for who knows how long to having this girl.”

Castiel used to be painfully shy and timid and now he’s as outgoing as ever.

“After a couple of days, he started to realize that she wasn’t going to hurt him,”

It’s all thanks to the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary.

“He started to feel more confident in himself and we’ve been seeing progressively, within the last week or two, that their playing together has become more frequent and more involved.”

You can watch The Dodo’s video about Castiel here:

Wolf birthday party!

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