10+ Comic Strips About The Cat VS Dog Debate That’ll Make You Laugh Like Crazy

There is a war going on. The world is divided into two halves. One half claims that dogs are the best, the other half believes in the superiority of cats. If you are reading this, there is a 101% chance that you have also been a soldier in this battle. A new turn has taken place in this debate with the advent of the ‘They Can Talk‘ comic strips.

The brainchild of Jimmy Craig, this set of comical puts things into quite a unique perspective. He started the ‘They Can Talk’ series back in July 2015. He talked about what inspired him in an interview with Bored Panda. “I’ve always loved animals and comics. When I look at animals, I try to imagine what they can actually be saying.” Craig found himself looking at the funny side of how our canines and felines view things. He continued, “I think animals, like humans, have their own unique personalities so it’s fun to imagine the conversations they might have.”

Personally, Jimmy is biased, as he admits, “But if I had to pick one I’d say I’m more of a dog-person, because… dogs.” He also added, “My wife just told me we’re getting two cats really soon.” You just hang in there, Jimmy!

Well, it’s time to move on to what Craig has to show. You can pre-order his book They Can Talk on Amazon.

#1. Cats are Curious

#2. Dogs Come in Varieties

#3. Cat Owners Should Feel Grateful


#5. It’s in Your Best Interest

#6. A Foot-long Difference

#7. No Touching Allowed

#8. Reducing Clutter the Feline Way

#9. Never Gets Boring

#10. Petting Never Takes its Toll

#11. Jealousy Ensues

#12. Why Am I Like This?

#13. Why Do They Want to Separate Us?

#14. Think Before You Name Them

#15. The Medicine that Works Everytime

#16. Fireworks are a Boon For Some, a Bane for Others

#17. Hooman Tricks You Again

#18. Her Way of Ushering in the Festivities

#19. Santa Claws

#20. Do Some Heckin’ Profiling, Pupper!

#21. Never, Son.

#22. Did Not Expect This Treachery

#23. Butts is Love; Butts is Life

#24. Gotcha!

#25. Cats Love Remodeling Stuff

#26. I was Just Having Some Harmless Fun

#27. Scenes Before a Doggo Night-Out

#28. Poor Birds

#29. The Less Said, the Better

#30. When Your Dog is a Foodie Like You

#31. In the End, it Doesn’t Even Matter

Did any of these remind you of your own pet? We are sure many of them did!

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