Fearless And Fierce Chihuahua Pupper Faces Off With Great Dane And It’s Too Hilarious To Handle

If you’ve heard of ‘little dog syndrome,’

Then you’ll know that Chihuahuas are notorious offenders of this behavior. If you haven’t heard of it, then this video is the perfecting tutorial to teach you what it’s all about.

Lilly, the Chihuahua, meets Vago, the Great Dane, at a dog park. They’re so happy to have met each other! Although Vago is taken aback by Lilly’s tenacity, being the tiny, feisty gal that she is. But they warm up to each other quickly, and so the antics begin!


Vago is such a good woofer; he’s so gentle and patient with Lilly, the puppy who thinks she’s indestructible. She doesn’t realise that Vago can devour her whole – and that’s what makes Chihuahuas insanely adorable.

You’ve just got to see the footage for yourself! Lilly has me cracking up with her kung-fu like moves.

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