‘Coco The Jolly Dog’ Is Pessimistic AF And These Comics Prove Why He Is Your Spirit Animal

We usually visualize dogs as cheerful animals that love their owners to bits and frisk around compounds. Dogs also supposedly help lift bad moods as they are always seen to be constantly smiling. Right? Wrong.

Norwegian writer and animator, Ozan Drøsdal, provided an alternate view into the minds of our four-legged pals and it’s not very pleasant by coming up with a comic series, ‘Coco the Jolly Dog.’

These comics just might make you admit that Coco is your spirit animal as he gets the meaning of life.

Don’t believe me? Scroll down for more details!

#1 Stop it hooman!

#2 Who’s calling who a fluffy dog?

#3 Every Monday morning..

#4 To hecc with exercise!

#5 Death is the only thing on my mind while I revel in the cool breeze

#6 No one says it better than you, Coco!

#7 Nothing is safe in the universe, even dogs

#8 We feel you, Coco!

#9 Every time we visit a hated relative…

#10 Who says no to food?

#11 Never leave me again hooman!

#12 Did that folded ear make me look awful?

#13 Is it… game over?

#14 You can’t have too many doggos in the world!

#15 Us during short weekends and holidays

#16 Temporary bliss is nothing but lies

#17 Stealing isn’t nice!

#18 No one gets the “I’m-so-lazy-but-so-stressed” feels better than Coco himself

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