This Comic About Losing A Dog Creates A Powerful Imagery That Is Soul-Stirring

Those who have taken care of at least one dog in their lifetime know how intimate that bond can be. They are not just human and animal. The relationship is familial, like a parent and child, brother and sister. One more thing they know very well is the pain of losing their best friend.

Dogs remind us of everything that we lack. Unquestionable loyalty, undeserving kindness, and unwavering love.

Your doggo is everything for you.

The way they get excited when you come home.

The way they get happy when you experience something nice.

The way they comfort you when you are at your lowest.

But they grow old too. Then they leave you. Leaving behind a void that cannot be filled.

Imgur user spideygurl posted a B/W comic for all of us who miss our pups and believe that they have gone to the other side, to dog heaven. This heart-wrenching presentation of how a little girl feels when she loses her dog is really giving us the feels. Enough talk. See it for yourself.

Doggos are from heaven

Her dog had passed away, but she is too little to understand that. So her dad tells her that he is in heaven.

The little girl writes a letter to him and ties the envelope to a balloon, hoping for a reply.

She gives up hope, thinking that the balloon would not reach her doggo. But then the unthinkable happens!

Doggos are really from heaven!

Cherish your dog and never let go of an opportunity to make their life better. All they need is your love and happiness!

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