These Comics Explain Perfectly The 7 Things That Separate A Doggo Lover From A Doggo Parent

Every doggo owner knows that there’s a big difference between just being a fan of the humble doggo, and being an owner of the humble doggo. It’s the difference between playing for Manchester United, and being a fan watching them drunk at the pub. Whether it’s at home or on the road, being a doggo parent is a full-time job unto itself, and merely being a doggo lover just doesn’t compare. So take some time to peruse these comics, and nod silently in agreement as I did.

#1 A dog lover very much enjoys their bedtime…

#2 Because a dog owner doesn’t get any…

#3 Being a parent is a full time, full emotion commitment

#4 It can be hard to travel as a doggo parent.

#5 …but even harder to enjoy a good movie!

#6 The people must know the truth of the good book of doggo!

#7 Because you sure as hell do!


There we have it! The seven things that separate doggo owners from doggo admirers. It comes with a lot of responsibility, but we all know it’s worth it. Keep your eyes on doggo.com for even more exciting information on our faithful four-legged friends.

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