Convicted Abuser Of Caitlyn The Dog Has Been Denied Parole

Caitlyn is moving on.

Who is Caitlyn? Well, she is a brave dog who had to experience a pretty horrific near-death ordeal. And to top it off, she was abused by her owner, the one person she trusted.

Caitlyn suffered through this in 2015 but is not standing up for other dogs and speaking against animal cruelty. She has become the unofficial mascot of the Charleston Animal Society.

The man convicted of abusing Caitlyn the dog has a parole hearing today. Caitlyn has become a beacon for the humane treatment of animals. >>> http://bit.ly/2hzSiLI

Posted by Kyle Jordan Live 5 News on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

She may be living her life to the fullest and enjoying her freedom. But her abuser, William Dodson will thankfully be in jail for the foreseeable future. He appeared in front of seven members of parole board on Wednesday, October 11 but was denied the parole.

The Charleston Animal Society was also attending.

Today we seek JUSTICE for CAITLYN the Dog! Please send us your positive energy and prayers as we journey to the capital…

Posted by Charleston Animal Society on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

He will serve his remaining six months in jail.

However, that is not all, as he would also be spending the next 15 years of his life in jail but that is because of unrelated drugs and weapon charges. He did have something to say about the abuse he put Caitlyn through. “I guess I feel a little remorse.” Yes, this was his heartfelt apology.

He is definitely getting what he deserves.

REMEMBER Caitlyn the dog? The South Carolina man who pleaded guilty to taping her muzzle shut is now headed to prison. MORE >> http://buff.ly/2mZcl79

Posted by WECT News on Friday, March 24, 2017

William apparently bound Caitlyn’s muzzle because she wouldn’t stop barking.

Wow what an exhausting day! Looking at this face literally makes every bit of the struggle melt away! #IamCaitlyn #adoptatcas #Caitlynthedog #JusticeforCaitlyn

Posted by Kay Hyman on Friday, March 24, 2017

When I saw her, my jaw dropped. I’ve seen a lot of terrible animal cruelty cases but this was one of the worst. Her eyes are very captivating and she just had this look of defeat. The stance of having given up not only physically but emotionally. How could she trust anyone after what she experienced?

-Aldwin Roman

She might have the scars, but her spirit has been renewed.

She’s getting to finally be a normal dog. She goes for walks, running, goes to the beach, playing, and she can bark. She can bark as much as she wants and no one is going to try to tape her mouth shut ever again.


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