The Internet Falls In Love As A Woman Shares Pictures Of A Cop Taking Selfies With His Service Dog

All dogs are good boys.

Whether we talk about the ones that stay with us at home all day or the ones that help our officers fight crime; they are all good dogs and they all deserve the same amount of love and appreciation. However, we often overlook the service dogs that help us provide comfort to disabled people and also help our officers perform different tasks. These dogs are mentally sharper and more focused as compared to regular dogs. They are highly trained and disciplined in accordance with the duties they perform. But, all this doesn’t make them any less lovable, right?

I mean, sure they are raised differently and are not used to receiving the same treatment we give to other dogs. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want our affection even if their vests clearly say “Do Not Pet.”

Well, guess what? They do receive our love and affection and just as much! And that too, from none other than the people they work with. Yes, that’s right. The cops that appear all strict and stern are the very same people who show love and affection to their service dogs. Now, don’t say that how do they even find the time. We have proof.


Here’s a photo that was recently uploaded on Facebook of a cop taking selfies with his service dog.

You see, a woman named Gina Anzaldua Stevenson couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw a cop casually chilling with his service dog at the airport.

The best part was that he showed every single selfie to his partner.

Initially, Gina posted these pictures in a group named “Dogspotting Society” on Facebook. The post quickly went viral receiving over 60K likes and 46K shares. And to our surprise, the post eventually reached the man in the picture!

And he responded with the selfies they took.

The big smile.

The poker face.

The cop mode.

Soon, the comments flooded with people admiring the cool cop duo.

It appears no one wants to follow the rules when it comes to petting the dog.

I guess, they will make an exception since everyone is insisting.

They are both indeed doing a wonderful job!

So, what do you think of this awesome partnership? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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