This Couple Is Providing Homes To Unwanted Dogs And The Emotions of Their New Owners Is So Touching

Tracy Whyatt always had a soft corner for unwanted dogs who struggle to survive around us. After marriage, she along with her husband set out on a mission to follow her true passion and save these dogs.

In 2011, they went on road trips to collect dogs from Texas kill shelter and relocated them to different states which provided those dogs the forever homes they deserved.

They are now operating as a company named Tracy’s Dog.

With their incredible effort, they saved 3700 dogs by adopting them who otherwise would have continued to be poorly treated.

Just recently, Tracy’s Dogs have partnered with PetSmart to arrange the places to meet up where new owners can meet their dogs before adopting. It now also has a complete pre-adoption process like filling out applications and matching owners to the right dogs.

Scott has taken up this responsibility of loading pooches in a 32-foot trailer and sends them to parking spaces owned by PetSmart. They are widespread across states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Florida: where they are welcomed by their new owners who are waiting for them.

HooplaHa – Only Good News, covered a footage of live moments when these owners meet the dogs for the first time. It is so heartwarming and beautiful to see those new families that you might even need a tissue close to you.

“I cried with happiness through most of this video,” one commenter writes. “I have never seen so many adorable dogs get adopted on the same day. It seemed like most of the dogs knew that they were finally going home to their forever family and would never worry again. I can’t believe that if it weren’t for your help, these dogs would no longer be here. This was the most heartwarming thing that I have seen in a while.”


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