This Dad Carved A Dog Lantern That Looks Exactly His Pomeranian & It Looks Pawsome

Halloween’s right around the corner!

You know what that means. Pumpkin carvings, dress ups, costumes, parties, and lots of candy. Pumpkin carving, especially, is a tradition that’s been around since basically forever.

You gut out the orange veggie, and then carve a pattern or face on it, then light it up on the inside with a candle. The results are the spooky lanterns with eerie shapes and styles.

One person following the tradition went above and beyond with his masterpiece.

He’s been doing this since 2009.

Instead of a knife, he uses a precise X-acto blade and it takes him around 8 to 20 hours depending on the difficulty of the piece. And he doesn’t use candles to light them up either, he uses CFL bulbs because they give off a brighter glow.

It starts with just a pencil outline first.

Then the X-Acto knife carves into the pumpkin.

And finally the masterpiece is ready to be the envy of his neighbourhood.

These are his earlier pieces, Civil War 2016.

Sauron, 2015.

The Joker, 2014.

Guardians Of The Galaxy, 2014.

Transformers, 2013.

Iron Man, 2012.

Closeup of Iron Man, 2012.

Batman, 2011.

Spiderman, 2010

And his first ever, another Iron Man, 2009.

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