This Dad Picked Up The Wrong Dog From PetSmart And Then Things Escalated Hilariously

Have you ever made an honest mistake?

If you have, then tell me was it something so hilarious that it went viral? No? then buckle up and sit back because we are about to show you something like that! Recently, a 22-year old student from Miami shared a story of how his father mistakenly brought somebody else’s dog home when he was supposed to pick their dog Nieves from the groomer.

So instead of me telling you what happened next, scroll down and see it all in sequence below!

Here is the 22-year old student named Alex, from Miami.


And this is the cute 10-year old Maltese named Nieves. Her name is Spanish and it means “snow.”


According to Alex, they have had Nieves ever since she was just 8-months old.


Alex’s whole family loves Nieves very much. He also mentioned that his dad always picks her up every time she goes to the groomer. Only this time, his dad accidentally picked up another dog. This is what Alex uploaded on twitter.

So basically, Nieves was one of the two dogs who was waiting to be picked up at the same time. And somehow his dad picked the wrong one. “According to him it was because the dog acted normal and followed him to the car and even jumped in as soon as he opened the door,” he said.

When Alex pointed out that it’s not their dog his dad thought he was joking. He kept thinking Alex was messing with him till his brothers joined in and agreed with him.

After the realization, his dad said he knew something didn’t seem right. To this, Alex said, “My brother and I died of laughter and asked why he would take the dog home if he thought something was off. He said, ‘I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me.'”

“We told him he has to go back to return her, and he said, ‘Yeah, I have to fix this before mom gets home,'” Alex said.

But of course, they did tell their mom and she couldn’t help but laugh either.

So to “fix” the situation, Alex’s dad went to the groomer again and this time he sent a PICTURE of Nieves to the family group chat just to be sure.


That’s not all. After the video was uploaded many people got a crush on Alex’s brother and they started sending him requests! “I have my girlfriend as my header; why is this happening to me?” his brother told him.


Anyway, here are some of the best responses!


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