7 Hilariously Accurate Charts You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating a Doggo Person

  • By Eva Yong
  • February 20, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

When you’re in a relationship with someone who has one (or more) doggos, you know it’s all about the doggo.

Heck, it’s basically an unwritten rule that the dog comes first before anything else in the relationship.

But, if you’re dating someone who puts their doggo over you, fear not.

Here are some charts that can help your understanding of how to communicate more effectively with your significant other.

Source: Cosmopolitan

1.) Dates will never be the same again – conversationally, that is.

Julia Pugachevsky

2.) Keep them coming!

Julia Pugachevsky

3.) Expect more praises for dogs over lovey dovey words and terms for yourself.

Julia Pugachevsky

4.) It’s all about priorities, baby.

Julia Pugachevsky

5.) Definitely no question over that matter.

Julia Pugachevsky

6.) Need help on your expenditures? Have no fear; doggo is here!

Julia Pugachevsky

7.) There’s only two kinds of people in this world – the ones that love dogs, and those who like dogs.

Julia Pugachevsky
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