7 Differences That Tell If You Are A Dog Lover Or A Dog Parents

Oh, you think you’re a dog lover?

You watch dog videos all day and tell people about how much you love dogs? Well, if you do, that’s great! However, dog parents can’t do that. Why?

Dog lovers can easily watch videos in their bed. Dog parents, however, are too busy looking after their ten dogs while sitting on the couch, because the bed is taken by the dogs.

Illustrator Kelly Angel thought to highlight the differences between dog lovers and dog parents through their comics. And they are both cute and hilarious! See them below:

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#1 Let’s just sleep on the couch.

#2 Food at 3 AM.


#4 700 dog pictures.

#5 My dog needs a vacation.

#6 Must. Know. Details.

#7 The greatest dog who ever dogged.

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