This Dog Was Abandoned For Being ‘Ugly’ But Now Finds A New And Loving Home

Do you believe in miracles?

Now you might have a lot of stories regarding this but what we are about to share with you guys today will definitely make you happy and restore your faith in humanity. This is a story of a Labrador Retriever named Beaux tox, who was born with a facial deformity. He got neglected and rejected all his life because of his appearance. However, that was all until he met his soul mate and best friend, Jamie Huilt.

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This is Beaux Tox. The Labrador Retriever who was born with a facial deformity.

His appearance was a result of being squashed while he was still a fetus in his mother’s womb as one of the six dogs.

“Because of his facial deformity, the people who were breeding couldn’t sell him.”

But regardless of the deformity, his intelligence and attractive personality was remarkable.

Sadly, however, The person beaux ended up living with didn’t care about him and neglected him to the extent of leaving him all alone outside for five years.

This made Beaux very sick and hopeless.

But that’s exactly when his partner and real best friend, Jamie, came to his rescue.

Jamie gave him all the love and care that he deserved and wasn’t bothered by his condition.

“I didn’t care how badly he might be ill.”

“I just didn’t want him to go into the foster system again and be returned.”

Beaux was also struggling with a severe form of chronic heartworm disease.


But with love given by Jamie and the help of Dr. Jay Rydberg, Beaux was given intensive treatment which cured his disease.

Now he is perfectly fine and happy.

He found himself a very loving family. He is even a younger brother to another retriever named Riley now.

“Riley and Beaux absolutely love each other”

They become best friends.

“They’re perfect for each other even with the age difference” (Beaux is 6 and Riley 13)

“And even though Beaux acts like a puppy — it helps Riley stay young.”

Now when we look back at everything, we can clearly see it was indeed a miracle. Beaux Tox is probably the happiest pup right now. Just look at him.

“He’s so full of life, and he’s just brought so much to us.”

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