This Dog Was Arrested By The Police For Attacking A Deer And The Details Are Too Hilarious

A dog getting arrested is a very rare sight indeed.

I mean what can a dog even possibly do to deserve this right? Dogs are innocent, playful, lovely, full of life and always very excited, so how is this even possible? Well, I know it sounds unreal, but this did happen.

A Twitter user, Emme, shared the story of her dog being arrested after it ran away from home and attacked a deer. Now attacking is an offense. And it appears that someone who was watching called the cops and reported the whole incident, upon which the police arrived. Trust me, its as crazy and funny as it sounds. And everything aside, Emme was able to capture the moment her dog was being taken into custody, and it’s extremely hilarious. Scroll down and see for yourself!

The not so innocent doggo is sitting in a cop car.

Putting aside what he did, Emme just couldn’t get enough of her dog’s “no regret” face. And fast forwarding to the good part, the doggo is out of trouble now and is perfectly fine. Just look at his face tho.

He definitely looks guilty here. And even though he got arrested, the people on the internet still love him.

 They even made memes.

That’s how some other people reacted.

So here we have Finn now. With zero regrets and all happy like before. Luckily the cops let them go with a warning, and everything is alright now.


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