These Tips Will Help Keep Your Doggo Safe From The Viral Dog Flu Spreading Across The US.

Get the soup on!

We all know how to prep ourselves when we feel the onset of the flu creeping in, right? The symptoms are pretty common, the treatments are just as so, and there’s a stockpile of over-the-counter medications you can purchase to perk you right back up in no time.

But one sickness that most people aren’t aware of is Dog Flu. That’s right! Your little pooch can catch a nasty cold. Did you know that? I sure didn’t. Also, it turns out that dogs aren’t the only furry companions that may fall victim to Dog Flu, cats can catch it as well!

We’ve placed a video below that has updates from expert sources such as Business Insider and PetMD, indicating that Dog Flu isn’t just spreading across the U.S. right now, it’s spreading at a very alarming rate. “It is a highly contagious, viral infection that could affect both dogs and cats,” according to the authorities in the clip.

Of course, dog parks and daycares are a nesting zone for viruses that are most harmful to pets, with a whopping 80% of dogs falling ill after coming in contact with the virus.

Kentucky & Ohio are currently showing the most active cases of the virus, but according to the video the official dog flu website, over ten more states are popping up with virus activity. Proving just how rapidly this is spreading through the country.

The American Veterinary Medical Association believes those states are most affected by several cases of “canine H3N2 influenza” were first reported in Chicago in 2015.

The Dog Flu is very similar to our human flu in many ways. The virus is airborne like ours, and the symptoms can range from fever to nasal discharge and lethargy.

It’s super important to be aware of what’s happening in the environment, not only around you but around your pup as well. Take two minutes to watch this video so you know what risk your dog might be at! And please share with your loved ones, you may just help someones pup!



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