This Tennis Match Replaced Ball Boys With Good Bois And It’s Heccin’ Amazing

Four dogs were used as “ball dogs” to fetch tennis balls back in the midst of a match between Roberto Carbellas Baena, from Spain and Gastao Elias, from Brazil, during the Brazil Open in São Paulo

Check the videos out!

The dogs were named Frida, Mel, Isabelle and Costela (the Portuguese word for “rib.”) Costela was given this name due to the condition he was found in a deserted area).

A trainer from the Association of Animal Wellbeing, Andrea Beckert, anticipates that this movement opens the eyes of the public about the suffering of homeless dogs. The association is hosting about 1,200 dogs.

“We want to show that stray dogs, too, can be taken in and develop skills. It’s no easy feat trying to get dogs to pick up lost balls and returning them back!”

Suffice to say; the dogs are pretty happy to retrieve the balls back but not so glad when they were asked to return the balls back to the trainers or players. Sports has never been more adorable!


“It’s MINE, not yours!”

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