Check Out The Most Dog-Friendly Workplace That You Just Can’t Miss

Imagine taking your dog to your workplace and spending the whole day with him.

And that’s not it. This office would also have special corners solely dedicated to dogs so they could stay busy playing or working. Sounds like a pretty exciting deal, right?

This is actually real and happening. We are talking about Kurgo, a company which supplies pet products. With so much of inspiration and cuteness that you will see in this article, they are on their way to developing a brand that can not only sell products but also know how to motivate their employees and bring out their best.



Based in Salisbury, Massachusetts, the dog supplier manufacturer is owned by two brothers Kitter and Gordie Spater. With them creating a dog-friendly office, we can guess the level of love they have for dogs. They aim to gain lifetime customers by giving out guarantees on their products except for toys.

Almost everyone working at Kurgos has a dog which they are allowed now to bring along to the office during their shifts. As you enter the office, you will find friendly pets roaming around the hallways or relaxing by someone’s feet. The doggy doors around each area lead to a lush and green patch of grass.



The owners believe that by allowing this, they can help relieve job-related stress while making the day better for employees.

The animals also have a little work to do in their biased product testing as Kitter Spater said “We get a lot of inspiration looking at our own dogs and our problems,” in this regard.

The last surprise is yet to come when you see a wide slide and spring rocking horse for all those adventurous pups.

Along with pooch petting breaks, the employees can also take their pets for a stroll during lunch break as the company believes that it is equally important to enjoy the great outdoors.


Despite having little product testers around, the owners also explained how pets could help in so many ways. “Any job can be stressful at times, but having dogs around gives us a release…Taking our dogs for a walk at lunch, or just giving them a scratch is a pausing point…like if you’re having a serious conversation and the dogs are doing something goofy. It makes everything a little less serious,” said Gordie Spater to Boston.com

Well after this, we hope many of you would be wishing for the same offer at your workplace. It would be great if all companies start to consider it as well.

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