Dog Infects Everyone With Her Smiling Face As She Goes On a Shopping Spree at Target

  • By Silas
  • January 6, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

Twitter is the virtual platform where you can expect to find dogs.

Them, and their parents sharing happy moments for the world to see. While all of them are cute and beautiful in their own way, some doggos really stand out. Take the one that lives with @virgoprincxss, for example.

This Twitter user posted a couple of pictures of her dog enjoying her time at Target. The faces that this dog makes would fill you up with joy. A smile is infectious, after all.

She is just beginning to realize how good the store is.


It has completely dawned on her by now!


The comments section filled up quickly with people showering their love for the happy dog. Her owner tweeted that Zira the dog is half Pembroke Corgi and half Mini Australian Shepherd. Soon, people with Corgi mix breeds started sharing pictures of their own dogs.

Apparently, it is not just Zira who loves shopping at Target.

There were some honest confessions as well.

A few concerned onlookers pointed out the harms that dogs pose forĀ allergic people. It fired up a debate on whether pets should be allowed in stores or not. But most of them agreed that dogs are cute and fun. We hope Zira did not cause trouble for anyone.

Oh, you want to see more of Zira now, don’t you?

Head over quickly to her own Instagram account and catch her there!


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