With A Little Bit Of Grooming This Dog Is Now Looking Like A Fluffy Sheep And The Internet Loves It

Is it a Sheep? Is it a Ball? No, it’s a Fluffy Dog!

Get ready to see the Latest Internet Sensation! We present you the fluffiest, happiest, and the cutest dog of all time! Well, basically its a Poodle. But, you see after some grooming this mass of fur not only looks cute but also resembles a Sheep! Ever seen anything like that before?

Then scroll down and take a look!



Meet the absolutely adorable and strange looking Dog!

This is basically a Poodle Dog that now looks pretty much like a sheep.


And the credit for this absolute cute look goes to Yorikokoro, a dog salon in Japan.


You see, after just a little bit of grooming this Poodle who was already cute looks even better! (Imagine being attacked and chased by this little fluffy ball!)

We’re not sure as to what exactly the groomer did, but what we are sure of is that he/she did a very good job!

As you can see, this smol pup looks like a mini sheep.

And sometimes, it just looks like fur. Hundred percent pure fur.

And the internet totally loves it! As you can see people are already making cute references. (We agree!)

The resemblence is uncanny.

Don’t you just want to pick this little ball up

And hug it TIGHTLY

10/10 good doggo!

Do you want your dog to be like this? Then you better hurry up and take a trip to Japan!


So what do you think? Are you loving this creature as much as we are? And do you have any pictures of your cute little dog that you have to share? Then comment below and let us know!

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