This Dog Met His Idol Pluto in Disney Land And You Can’t Miss Watching His Reaction.

Meeting your idol can be one of the most exciting and enthralling experience anyone could possibly have.

Whether it be an old fandom or a newly discovered one, witnessing them in front of your eyes can always make your heart beat faster.

This dog had a similar experience when he just met his idol and you’ll definitely laugh while watching this video loaded with sheer cuteness.

Ace is a wonderful and loyal dog who has been performing his tasks of ensuring the safety of his masters really well. Due to his hard work, he was provided an opportunity to have a trip to Disney as his reward.

Now, Disney is a place where you get this golden chance of meeting all of your favorite cartoon characters from movies or shows. It’s like an obvious heaven for all the cartoon lovers. Ace had been a fan of Pluto for a very long time and he deserved this.

Ace’s reaction is the cutest thing you will see on the internet today. Watch him hanging and playing with his all-time hero below:

Let’s not blame him. We all would get super excited to hang out with Pluto in Disneyland.

Dreams do come true! What do you think?

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