Dog Only Eats Half Her Food and Leaves the Other Half for the Most Heart-Wrenching Reason Ever

  • By Silas
  • December 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Dogs are so beautiful and intelligent. The fact that they care so dearly for the ones they love is unparalleled. This story proves how innocent dogs are and how undeserving we are of their love. Before going ahead, make sure you can control your tears if you are not at home and jump aboard the feels train on this emotional ride.

EastonDufur shared this sad but weirdly inspirational post about his dogs on Twitter. A half-eaten dog food bowl beside the post welcomes you as you proceed.

“So we have only one food bowl for my two labs,” he writes. “And my dog Stitch trained my other dog Cookie only to eat half of the food that’s in the bowl. So ever since she was young, she knew to leave half of the food so Stitch can have some (he liked to make sure she would eat).”

Okay. It can’t be too sad, right? Let’s hope so…

He continues, “Now Stitch recently passed away. And this is Cookies’ first time alone. So since Stitch is gone, I’ve been feeding Cookie less food. Well before I went to bed, I wanted to check to see if she ate. And so I did, and she still left half of her food there so Stitch can eat.”

Alright. Whose idea was it to peel a million onions at once?! If you can’t stop re-reading it, it’s not your fault.


Twitter did not see that coming too. Users poured in with all the sad GIFs that exist on the internet.

Even WikiHow replied.

This story was heartbreaking, no doubt, but it was also a reminder of how sweet dogs are. Go out there and adopt a doggo for yourself, if you don’t already have one. Show love to dogs everywhere, even the strays, and you will be rewarded with such selfless affection that humans are unwilling and unable to show. We never even deserved dogs in the first place, but thank God they are here! Hug your dog today and tell them how much you love them!

Sources: h/t Distractify

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