26 Dog Tweets That’ll Put You In Stitches Or Make You Go Aww

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 15, 2022
  • 4 minutes read

Give your dog a middle name.

Why? So that when you’re angry at them, they know. It’s like when your mother or father calls you by your full name. “Alexandra Rosaline Fitzpatrick, you come down here this instance!” says the mother, and Lexi feels terror down her spine. So basically things like these and many others were tweeted by these pet owners that either ended in hilarity or pure genius.

While you might think these dogs are getting punished but that is actually not the case here. They are probably just confused by the human antics rather than their usual shenanigans. And we all know anything remotely funny has to be posted on the Internet. Especially Twitter.

So I urge you to read them yourself; they’re brilliant.

Source: Imgur 

#1 When your mum keeps your baby clothes for your kids.

I would say that was the best life decision you ever made.

#2 Doggy birthday parties are the best birthday parties.

#3 This poor doggo is confusing Brexit with Biscuit.

You can just see the hope fade in his eyes. He only wanted some gosh darn biscuits.

#4 Keeping a cardboard cutout for some company

#5 This is suspicious behavior and she should have expected it.

He looks quite flawless. I think your child did a great job bringing forth his sassiness.

#6 Sometimes the dog lets you share your bed with him.

#7 The only way they’ll know how to behave.

That’ll teach him! He will be quaking in his boots. (Or paws?)

#8 This is what dogs do when the adults aren’t home.

I don’t even want to talk about this. Just give them some privacy.

#9 Just a little pup and his donut.

#10 The driver doesn’t keep his eyes on the road and probably doesn’t have thumbs.

The doggo just wants to stick his head out and feel the wind swishing by in his fur. This is why you don’t give dogs a driving license.

#11 Drug-sniffing dog is tired of drug-sniffing.

#12 She’s going on an Easter hunt!

This is truly adorable.

#13 Explosive dog!

#14 Can’t go out because you have friends over for dinner.

They can’t keep the smile from coming out. To be honest, if I saw that much food, I’d be jumping for joy.

#15 A pug that’s terrified of his giraffe.

#16 This dog is named Goose, and he graduated.

#17 I wanna pet them both and drown them in love.

#18 Carry on my loyal steed.

Is that bird real? Because it looks awfully like a toy.

#19 The older dog just sort of gave up now.

#20 The purest thing in the world.

#21 Romeo and Juliet.

True love right here.

#22 She went out and adopted a snail.

‘Can we keep him? Please?’

#23 It was too hot to hike, so the doggy hitched a ride.

#24 That is fake news.

‘Why does this house not have any walls? I say build a huge wall to separate the kitchen!’

#25 The best guard dog.

#26 Subway dog is trying to flirt.

He just likes you it seems.

What did you think of these tweets? Did you find them as hilarious as us? Comment down below and let us know which one resonated with you and your pet the most.

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