Dog Walker Makes Up Stories And Personalities For The Dogs He Walks To Send ‘Em To His GF Is GOALS AF

Dog lovers all over the world envy these dog walkers who seem to have the best job in the world. Imagine meeting and walking with dozens of dogs every day! A dream come true, isn’t it? Jordan Clark, 49, Brooklyn, is a full-time dog walker and walks about 10-11 dogs each day. He has been doing this work, if we can even call it “work,” for the past year and a half.

Here is the protagonist of this story with his girlfriend, Amelia Capaz.


Jordan loves the job for one specific reason. “I can fart whenever I want to — dogs don’t care,” he says.

Whenever he is on the job, he sends Amelia pictures of the dogs he is with.

Amelia told BuzzFeed News that Bowie, a gray French Bulldog is her personal favorite. She says about Clark, “He gets a lot of time to use his phone during the day, and he’s super creative.” It all began with Jordan creating detailed and hilarious profiles about the dogs one fine day.

Here is Bowie’s


Amelia has been on the receiving end of such dog descriptions ever since.

Jordan admits that he makes these up on a whim, based on what the dogs look like to him.

He loves watching over them and connecting them with human-like personality traits.


“Jacob is my favorite and reminds me of an ambitious dude who wants to be the best but isn’t quite there yet.”


Sherman is that kid that wants to be cool but still pisses the bed. I was also that kid.”

After doing all that, how could he stay away from describing himself as well? This is how he did it.


Jordan is having the time of his life with these wonderful doggos! And let’s just hope they agree with the descriptions that he gave them. Or there would be some furious dogs waiting for him when he goes back on duty.

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