Doggo Helps Make The Cutest Ever Pregnancy Announcement & It’s Too Wholesome To Handle

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload

Now, let’s get this straight. I’ve seen some doggo pregnancy announcements in my time, but I am seriously not dealing with how ridiculously adorable @kaitlynserna’s cousin’s announcement featuring Kasper the friendly Pupper is!

Kasper is killing it in his pastel blue glasses, which he’s obviously going to need if he’s going to read the whole way through How To Be A Big Brother!




OMG, just look at him! His little tuft of fur atop his head makes him look like he’s been up all night studying his little book and being #1 good boy!

Hats off to @kaitlynserna’s cousin for originality with this gorgeous pregnancy announcement!

Sources: Mashable

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