Doggo High AF On Morphine & We Can’t Help But Laugh

No one likes going through surgery

Pretty much the whole ordeal sucks, apart from the stockpile of painkillers. Everyone’s experience with painkillers is different; some handle them well, some not so much, while others have the absolute time of their lives. It’s a fuzzy kind of silver lining, but it is a silver lining. On the other hand, when you’re watching someone you care about float through the processes of being post-op, it’s usually a hilarious time. Now take all the memories you have of friends post-wisdom teeth or any surgery and imagine that being an adorable pooch.

Like Hank the Aussie Shepherd for example.

Here’s Hank in his everyday life

Aaaand here’s Hank post vet’s office, morphined up to his eyeballs – literally

I cAN FeEL CoLoUrS #vetgavememorphine

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Stare-bear Hank landed himself on Reddit’s funny thread, and the viewers couldn’t get enough of him



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