20 Of The Best Hacks To Take Your Doggo Parenting To The Next Level

Being the best parent possible to your doggo is a full-time job on its own. However, with work, study, family, and friends to get in the way, sometimes we leave a bit of slack in our lead and not be the best parent to our four-legged friends possible. That’s why we’ve compiled this super helpful list of 20 of the best hacks to make sure you’re on top of your game.

#1 First up, make sure you know these ten dangerous foods to keep away from your dog

Doggos are scavengers, we all know dogs will eat anything and everything they can. So make sure you stop them if they’re eating any of these foods.

#2 Get to know their own special language

This chart is a handy guide that tells you everything your dog is saying with their body language.

#3 Add parsley to their dinner to cure bad breath!

It just takes a little sprinkling of parsley to banish that doggy breath once and for all!


#4 Treat their sore tummy with this simple recipe

If you’ve got a dog or puppy with an upset stomach, add a little low salt chicken broth to their water. It’ll help settle their stomach. Here’s a link to the recipe.

#5 Refill their Kong with peanut butter to save money

I used to have a dog who absolutely loved his Kong, but refilling the stuffing proved costly. So just add some peanut butter in there, and he’ll be just as happy! We all know he’s mostly in it for the chewing anyway.

#6 Water down your doggy shampoo to make it last longer

It’ll also make bathtime easier by making it easier to apply.


#7 Keep dog food fresh for longer

Keep your dog’s biscuits in a plastic pitcher. They’ll stay fresh for longer, and it makes pouring them into the bowl easier.

#8 Keep dog food in a drawer to make mealtime easier

A great way to use an unused drawer. Just makes sure to keep it locked though!

#8 Attach a bottle opener to your dog’s collar

If you’ve got a friendly dog and like a drink, attaching a bottle opener to your dog’s collar will make life easier!


#9 Familiarize yourself with animal CPR

In an emergency, this could save lives.

#10 On a hot day, make ice pops to keep your doggo cool as a cucumber

#11 Take full control with a two-handed lead

If you’re doggo is a wild one, adding another collar to your dog’s lead will allow you to walk him with two hands.

#12 Play fetch on a hill

Playing fetch on a hill will tire your doggo out quicker because sometimes we all need to rest.


#13 Put food in a drawer to prevent spillage

Sometimes meal time is mess time, but putting food in a drawer can minimize spillage.

#14 Save money on toys

If you’ve got an old pair of jeans lying around, you can cut them in to shreds and tie them up to make cheap, fun dog toys.

#16 Make medication easier by putting them in peanut butter

Sometimes it’s a struggle to get your doggo to take his medicine. But by hiding them in peanut butter, you can make it so much better for them.


#17 Clean up pet fur using a squeegee.

Pet fur is a hassle. It gets everywhere and can cause allergies. That’s why you should use a simple squeegee to remove all the unwanted pet hair on your furniture easily.

#18 Deal with accidents in a breeze

Sometimes our pets, especially young pets, can’t hold it in. So if an accident does happen, use this simple mixture to remove urine from your carpet or floor.

#19 Apply toothpaste to your dog’s bones

Keeping your doggo’s teeth strong and healthy is now easier than ever if you just apply a little toothpaste to their favorite chew toys.

#20 Play dead!

Ever had your dog run away from you? Well don’t chase after him, he might think it’s a game. What you should do is lie down and play dead, he’ll get worried and run back to you.


I sure needed those. With these 20 hacks, you’ll be the best doggy parent on your block in no time. So try them out, I especially loved the body language chart, I think me and my doggo will be having a better conversation than ever.