10+ Wholesome Doggo Stories To Cheer You Up Instantly

You have entered the place where you die of cuteness overload.

In this day and age, everything has become bleak and dull. While this may make me sound like an utter pessimist, many would agree. However, that does not mean I can’t appreciate the bright and beautiful things of this world. And on top of that list are animals doing weird and adorable stuff.

That is why if you are feeling down on your luck, this might be the thing that cheers you up, From a dog being protective of several kittens to a dog having a pelican best friend. Some mysteries in this world might never be solved. So if you’re ready to enter dog heaven, scroll on below and take a look.

#1 He might be adopted now, but he won’t forget his friends.

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#2 Now, That is a good boy.

#3 Congratulations! So happy for this doggo.

#4 Such a show-off.

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#5 True friendship right there.

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#6 Finally being rescued!

#7 Just a way to say hi to the neighbor.

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#8 15 years later and still the same.

#9 How hasn’t he destroyed the shoe by now?

#10 When you don’t have a pet yourself.

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#11 Waiting for their hooman.

#12 That winking face is adorable.

#13 Time out for both of you.

#14 Now he is warm and cozy.

#15 Nothing is going to stop him from hiking, not even an injury.

#16 This is how he says hello.

#17 I guess the resting spot is becoming smaller?

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#18 Batman will protect you.

#19 Why pick one when you can have two?

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#20 Awe, good for him.

#21 Just having a moment here.

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#22 Finally letting go of that shyness.

#23 Guess the neighbors really like Luna.

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#24 A terrifying guard dog indeed.

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#25 He wants to join in the fun.

#26 Made a new friend, I see.

#27 Don’t judge a book by its cover.

#28 Who is the doggo, and who is the human here?

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#29 ‘Permission to get on?’

#30 Much healthier now, I should take some tips from him.

#31 When you find your lost dog.

#32 Have seen this multiple times.

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#33 Okay, I can’t stop squealing.

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#34 The perfect resting place.

#35 A little hug, and everything is okay.

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