This Doggo Thief Has Stolen Our Hearts Away with His Petty Theft Crimes

  • By Silas
  • January 25, 2018
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Would you get hurt if your best friend steals from you? If it’s a human friend, by all means, you would. However, the same does not happen when it’s your doggo.

There have been several reports recently about dogs turning thieves. The latest case is of a woman named Francesca Emmingham. She’s from York, UK, and she took to Twitter to report the crimes. Allegedly, her dog Flynn is a notorious thief. His antics are out on the social platform for you to see.

Where’d the remote go? Oh.

The chopping board too.

There goes the candle.

Laying his claim on the bowl.

That leash belongs to Flynn, technically.

Something for a good night’s sleep.

Just the bowl ain’t enough, so Flynn took the plate too.

The audience found it quite funny and adorable. That’s one of the many advantages of being a dog.





Then the comment section made room for other furry thieves.

No doubt, these cute thieves are having a great time stealing our attention!

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