Dog Welcomes His Owner By Climbing On The Roof And It’s Hilarious

It’s not an uncommon sight when a Dog gets super excited upon seeing his owner.

We are all pretty much aware of how dogs respond when their owner returns home. They start wagging their tail, barking and circling around them! And it is honestly one of the best feelings in the world because at that very moment everything that the Dog feels for you is openly reflected.

However, not all Dogs respond like that. Some Dogs, like Murray, act in strange ways too. You see, Murray is a 6-year old Vizsla that somehow managed to get on the highest point of the house just to welcome his favorite hooman back home! This whole incident is already viral on the internet, and its time you see this too.

Scroll down and check out what happened.

Meet the 6-year old Vizsla dog.

Just recently, Murray became the latest internet sensation after he welcomed his owner in a very unusual way.

Murray got to the highest point of AJ Allee’s house!

When AJ saw Murray for the first time, he was shocked and scared.

“We didn’t realize it until neighbors came and rang our doorbell,” said AJ Allee

“It was terrifying because we were afraid he would jump or fall.”

After everything had settled down, AJ tried to figure out how did Murray manage to get up there and then took measures to prevent that from happening again.

“That lasted 3 days”

“He found another place so we accepted it. Then it became funny”

AJ is a pilot and takes Murray on flights with him from time to time.

According to AJ, Murray is a good co-pilot other than the fact that the most of his time is spent sleeping.

Anyway, so all in all Murray is a unique doggo who climbs rooftops to express his love!

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