17 Doggos Who are Making a Mark with Their Addiction To Makeup

  • By Silas
  • January 9, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

Our doggos are beautiful inside out. There is no doubt that your dog is the cutest, just like all the other cute dogs in the world. But there is no harm when they try on some makeup to wow the social media crowd. So what if they accidentally (ahem!) get some inside their mouths?

These dog parents are showing off their style-crazy fur babies on the Internet, and they are fabulous!

#1. The Pug Who Just Wanted to Put on Some Highlighter


#2. “Oh Yes! I’m Looking Glam!”


#3. This Doggo is Ready for Her First Makeup Session


#4. The Makeup Artist is Here


#5. She Won the Gold in Doggo Makeup Contest

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#6. “Hmm. My Mom Must Have Put These Here For Me”


#7. Y’all Don’t Get to Judge This Beautiful Lady


#8. The Dog Eats What She Likes, No Questions


#9. The Face of a Guilty Dog Pleading Innocence

#10. She Loves Her Lips!

#11. Doggo Gave the Heckin Lipstick a Small Bite


#12. With that Look the Pup Gave, Even Her Mom Melted

#13. Dog Confused Makeup for Food

#14. Never Leave Your Dog Alone with Your Makeup

#15. She’s Not Even Trying to Pretend to be Guilty

#16. Again, Dog and Makeup Can’t Be Left Alone

#17. Are You Ready for Today’s Makeup Tutorial?


If you love your makeup, your heart must have ached every time a dog in these pictures destroyed a product. They don’t really know it’s makeup. Those things smell good and taste awesome, to these doggos at least. So if your dog is really into your makeup items, you should know you have the high-quality ones.

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