Photographer Captures Photos Of Dogs Eating Peanut Butter And We’re Here For It

What if I told you that you’ve been using Instagram wrong all these years?

Sending your followers your delicious chicken salad? Showing the world how cute you look in your new bikini? Posting the latest in inspirational quotes? All wrong. But fear not! Photographer Greg Murray has shown us the way, by posting pictures of doggos eating peanut butter!


If you’re not an instagram kind of person, fear not! Greg has successfully Kickstarted an entire book filled with pages and pages of just dogs eating peanut butter! The Kickstarter has closed now, but doggo owners might want to consider donating because the rewards sound even better than the book itself.

Pledge $300 or more

7 backers Limited (8 left of 15)

Get your dog photographed and in the book! Must come to the studio in Cleveland, Ohio on an agreed upon day and time. Includes a photo of your dog enjoying peanut butter being featured in the book and a signed copy of the book once it’s released. Although it hasn’t happened to me yet, if your dog is not able to be photographed at the studio because it doesn’t stay still or any other factors, your money will be refunded.

Who doesn’t want to see their doggo become famous for doing one of the cutest things imaginable! Don’t believe me? Check out these pics and tell me you don’t want this book!



Murray has managed to collect over 100 doggos for his new book. He started off with only 47 and a long waiting list of potential top doggo models.


This girl cracks me up, so fun to work with! @nitwitts

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Murray is also a great guy in real life. Rather than focusing on purebred doggos, he’s chosen to focus on lovable mutts, rescued dogs, and pound puppies! If you cannot get enough of these doggos eating peanut butter, take a scroll through Greg’s instagram and tell me this isn’t what instagram was made for!

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