15+ Doggos Caught in the Act But Trying to Cute Their Way Out of It

  • By Silas
  • December 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

We love our doggos. The sparkle in their eyes when they get happy, their barks of approval, their kisses of joy, everything about them makes us fall in love with them all over again. They can be stupid at times. Sometimes they also destroy things out of excitement. But they are quite apologetic about their mistakes. How can you stay angry at that face your dog makes when you scold them?

These dogs are guilty of some crimes. But their parents still love them no matter what!

1. Someone Else Must Have Done This Because This Pug Does Not Look Like a Trash-Spreader


2. “I Was Just Sitting Here, I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About”

It wasn’t me, nope not me!


3. “Okay, Okay, Here. You Have Some Too”


4. Doggo is Innocent Until Proven Guilty


5. “Woah! It Was a Wild Party! But What Do I Know?”

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6. These Are the Eyes That Can Make You Do Anything, Absolutely Anything!

Seems like we have a #guiltydog here. @adorabledogs

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7. “I Can Explain…”


8. “It Was Already Broken When I Came In Here”

9. “I Know Who Didn’t Do This, ME!”

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10. The Guiltiest Dog on Planet Earth

”Did you do this?”

11. “That Plant Started It…”

12. “Treats? Nope. Never Heard of ’em”


13. The Wires are Tasty Enough

14. “I am Very Sad About What Happened and I Need Some Time to Process This”

15. This Could Be a New Design If You Think About It

… I solemnly swear i'm upto no good …

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16. Finally Some Rest After a Long Day of Mischief

17. When Your Dogs Stand for Justice

Guilty Dogs.

18. Asking for Forgiveness is the Right Way

When A Dog Begs For Forgiveness You Can’t Stay Mad.

Dog parents share a special relationship with their pets, and nothing can hamper this loving bond!

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