20+ Hilarious Doggos High AF On Anaesthesia

Taking our pets to the vets is a very serious matter.

Whether it’s just a regular checkup, vaccination, or a serious procedure, we as fur parents always become nervous at the sight of the vet clinic. What makes matters even harder are how our pets are never, I repeat, never, excited to hop into the car for a quick visit to the doggo doc. Oh no, they have this sixth sense for it and will avoid us and our trip by any means necessary. Making the whole ordeal as heartbreaking as it is time-consuming. However, as the fantastic parents we are, we must look past those sweet puppy dog eyes and pouting lips to ensure our fur babes live as long and as healthily as possible.

It’s especially stressful for us as pet owners when our babies have to go under anesthetic for an operation. Although, they do say that every grey cloud has a silver lining. I believe these perfectly drugged up doggos are our light in the darkness of a bad situation.

If you’ve ever been on the roller coaster that is owning a dog (or any pet, but dogs usually get themselves in more trouble) or if you’re just looking for a cheap laugh, sit back and submerge yourself in this drugged up doggo dump.

#1. Before vs. After

#2. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s valium

#3. High or angry?

#4. Morphine can do strange things

#5. “So, my dog had to get surgery and now he’s drugged up. I should feel sorry for him but I can’t stop laughing.”

#6. It’s okay sweetheart; they were only X-rays

#7. She is oblivious to the pain

#8. “This is the THIRD time she’s had to be fully shaved for ticks. She’s now started rejecting the vets treats.”

#9. What pupils?

#10. Poor babe had spinal surgery, and I don’t think he knows it yet

#11. I wonder what he’s thinking about

#12. He’s in another dimension

#13. I’d be confused too sweetheart

#14. “She had to take an opiate for a Copperhead snake bite. This is how she sat for 20 minutes.”

#15. Meet Huxley… And his tongue

#16. When the meds hit you

#17. This Catto went from 0-100 real quick

#18. When you harness your chi

#19. Aaaaaand he’s out!

#20. He has no idea what’s happening

#21. Her face may still be slightly numb

#22. Sleep, little pupperino.

#23. Let’s just say, this isn’t Albert’s proudest moment.

#24. Surgery, what surgery? I feel great!

#25. This is a weird looking doggo

#26. I think I’m more afraid than he is

#27. He is so unimpressed

#28. It might take Cheddar a little while to recover from this one

#29. You did WHAT with my WHAT?!