These 22 Dogs Have Their Life Together And Holding It Better Than You

Do you have your life together?

You’re doing your best, and getting everything in order so that you’re productive, happy, sufficient and financially stable. That’s the end goal you’re working towards, aren’t you Being at peace and at ease with yourself? We all are. But what if I told you that no matter how hard you worked towards your goals, there are dogs out there that have already gotten to that level of contentment?

I can’t even be mad at them, they look so happy.

#1 Happy tenth birthday, pup.


#2 He got his bachelors!

Twitter: @von3x

#3 The local artist painted a portrait.


#4 There is bad news and there is good news here.

Twitter: @alextumay

#5 They’re a modern day Romeo & Juliet.

Twitter: @mbeezy69

#6 Mature Cheddar’s blind dog.

Twitter: @__amypound

#7 He meant no harm okay.

Twitter: @ralphsepe

#8 Beachy waves.

Twitter: @kerbiegibbs

#9 Neck tie and bow tie closet.

Twitter: @jairafarala

#10 Red solo cup for the pug.

Twitter: @doIIpxrts

#11 Mattress store with all the necessities.

Twitter: @623fer

#12 Doggo goes for surgery and becomes druggo.

Twitter: @smack__that

#13 Ralph loves you.

Twitter: @babygirIe

#14 Pug gets tucked in for a nap.

Twitter: @livetimefe

#15 How to make your life easy.

Twitter: @sophiebillo1

#16 Safety first always first!

Twitter: @lyss121

#17 Going out of town.

Twitter: @ruinmyweek

#18 The best uber in the world.

Twitter: @spookygothgrama

#19 Taking Toby canoeing.

Twitter: @gr8ones_

#20 Riley gets arthritis.

Twitter: @seaghbough

#21 Jack Bruer (JB) shows up for the premier.

Twitter: @thisbemesara

#22 Dog in a cup.


Twitter: @peachyhan_


Do you have your life as well put together as these pups do? Tell us down in the comments below.

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