18 Dogs Who Are Masters Of Camouflage And It Will Take You To Look Twice To Spot Them

Can you spot them?

I know dogs are probably not known for their camouflage abilities. I mean, it isn’t like they are snakes. However, these dogs prove that theory wrong. Because these dogs are masters at blending themselves into the environment.

Sure, they might not be able to blend themselves into the forest, but they can sure do it in the comfort of their homes, preferably in a cozy and furry rug. And I am not exaggerating when I say that these doggos are going to be hard to spot. So you want to look twice before you give up.

Shall we start because I am ready to play a little game of where is the doggo? So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Needs a little bit more work.

Via moillusions

#2 Now that is quite lucky.

Via reddit.com

#3 The color match is quite perfect, but the collar gives it away.

Via reddit.com

#4 Okay, I don’t see the dog anywhere.

Via thesun.co.uk

#5 Only see the stones here.

Via me.me

#6 Such a cutie, this one.

Via imgur.com

#7 I think he doesn’t want to look this way.

Via storytrender.com

#8 I only see a bath mat.

Via reddit.com

#9 How can a dog be that long?

Via quicklol.com

#10 Loving the car seats.

Via pinterest.com

#11 That doggo is such a white floof.

Via reddit.com

#12 A dog bed with no dog!?

Via reddit.com

#13 He’s got the perfect curls too.

Via quickmeme.com

#14 Okay, this one scared me a little.

Via thepoke.co.uk

#15 He has a little map.

Via pinterest.com

#16 I honestly don’t see anything except a beautiful rug.

Via thesun.co.uk

#17 Nothing to see here, Just a pile of leaves.

Via imgur.com

#18 Even the cat is confused.

Via oddee.com

Aw, he is probably a little cold.

Via me.me

Did you find every one of these with the first look? Comment down below and let us know.

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