10+ Doggos Who Were Rated 12/10 For All The Right Reasons

We’ve officially found the ultimate twitter account. It’s called “We Rate Dogs,” and well, they rate dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, and everything in between, they’ve got a ranking for any doggo that you might want to get a second opinion on. Essentially, they’re rotten tomatoes for dogs. Not only that but they’ve given rock-solid justifications for their ratings. Check ’em out.

#1 Charlie – Master psychologist


#2 Winston – Canadian patriot

#3 Carrot – Carrot

#4 Zara – Footwear model


#5 Oliver – Feudal lord

#6 Rooney – Scientist

#7 Farfle – War hero


#8 Bernie – Playa

#9 Curtis – Conquering fear


#10 Divine Doggo – Heaven sent


#11 Remy – Stick owner

#12 Leo – Vape hipster

#13 Anonymous – Hair icon

#14 Panda – Supremely content

#15 Ambrose – Fastest gun in the west

#16 Ace – Working class hero


#17 Max – Always keeping an ear out

#18 Meyer – Safety advisor

#19 Anonymous – Concerned parent

#20 Rubio – Body positivity activist

#21 Livvie – Keeping the spirit of the ’60s alive

#22 Bella – Doesn’t drink and drive

#23 Doggo Squad – Good boys

Let me do some quick math here. That’s 23 doggos, each scoring between ten and 204 out of ten. So if I just carry the one and, yup, an average score of 12/10. Agree with the ratings? Did your favorite dog get unfairly maligned by the critics? Maybe run the list by some friends because as far as I’m concerned, this Tomatometer was right on the money.