10+ Doggos Wearing Hats To Put A Smile On Your Face If You’re Having A Ruff Day

Day to day life can be tough

We know how much the weekly grind can get you down, trying to break the monotony of basic day-to-day tasks can be difficult. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet and found the cutest hat wearing doggos, to bring you the dump of all dumps. The doggos-wearing-hats-and-being-cute-as-shit dump! I dare you to try not to smile at these doggos. And if you really don’t, then you have no soul. Seriously.

#1. He was a skater boi


#2. Patriotic pa-zazz pupper

#3. Oh, honey!

#4. They grow up so fast *sniff*

#5. Passionate about sun safety

#6. Number one goofy boi

#7. This lil cowboy is gonna rope you in

#8. He looks like he’s going to have a killer playlist for this road-trip

#9. Beach blob

#10. The culinary canine who’ll tickle your taste-buds

#11. This doggo knows how to throw together a banging outfit

#12. Blue is so your colour

#13. What a cheesy poser

#14. This little guy will have all the girls swooning over him!

#15. This birthday boy is ready to party!

#16. This dude is giving our previous party goer a run for his party poppers!

#17. Beach boi is ready to adventure

#18. I’d snuggle up to this big-eyed boy any day

#19. Dreaming about the day he’s big enough to fill his hat