10+ Photos Of Doggos With Ridiculously Hilarious Haircuts

Dog grooming is very important.

I mean, it is the second best thing to shaving your own head. Because let’s be honest, human hair takes quite a long time to grow back. (At least for the unlucky people like me.) However, dogs always seem to have a full body of hair so why not exercise your hair dreams on them?

Don’t worry; they don’t mind. After all, they are happy as long as we are happy. And do we have the dog grooming ideas for you! So if you are ready to turn your dog into a lion, scroll on below!

#1 A new lion breed I’m guessing?


#2 His owner is very very evil.

#3 Don’t worry; it looks… okay.

#4 Can you guess what her favorite color is?


#5 I think they wanted the dog to look like a pillow.

#6 I love whatever this is.

#7 He is surely going to win America’s next dog model.


#8 Am I still dreaming?

#9 Beauty is pain after all.

#10 I’m not sure this is working for him.


#11 Now, this is one cool dog!

#12 Needs to try harder.

#13 Fluffy mc-fluffyten?

#14 Going to a rave?

#15 Haven’t graduated yet.