50 Fluffiest Dogs With The Most Squeezable Cheeks You Would Want To Squash

Who doesn’t love a good doggo?

It’s even better when those doggos have the most squeezable cheeks ever. Whether you’ve had a long hard day at work, or just want to be surrounded by unbearable cuteness, who can resist giving those cheeks a good squeeze?

It’s not just me saying that, the science proves it! According to a study done by Yale University in 2014, when a human being spies a cute creature, like a dog or cat or baby, we are flooded with a wave of aggression that compensates for the feelings of “naaaaaaw” we feel.

That’s why you see people saying they “just wanna eat him up” when they spot a cute baby or pet.

So let’s go with the science, and take a look at some of the most squeezable doggos ever!

#1 Who could resist it with eyes like those!


Absolutely love this one, ear, nose and all are just soooo squisheee! -Kirsten Preston

#2 This doggo sticks his tongue out in protest!


#3 Stretchiest face ever! And look at that smile!


That face says being squished is the most AWESOME thing that’s has happened this week. -Jeeves

#4 This one can do it all by himself!

Look at those big, round, innocent, puppy dog eyes! -HauntedForests

#5 Another cute tongue!

#6 Fluffiest cheeks you’ve ever seen!


“Are you done yet, hooman?” -Neeraj Jha

#7 This one is having a grand ole time.


#8 Do I look amused?



#9 Classic Labrador cheek squeeze!


#10 Some doggos love it…

Very squish. Much happy. How awesome. -Jeeves

#11 …and some do not

#12 But we can all agree it has to be done

Wait a minute, there’s a dog in there…. -Luck Yeah

#13 This fashionable doggo is just begging to have her cheeks squeezed


The love from this dog – can you feel it? There’s a lot of it! -JillVille Child Care

#14 Hands-free cheek squeeze!

#15 Twice the doggos, twice the cute, twice the squeeze!


Yay!! I’m being squished!! Woo hoo!! This is great!! I love being squished!!! -Jeeves

#16 One-handed chin squeeze


#17 A full head squeeze


Aww squishy face smiling Holden’s makes me really want one! -Jessica Stohr

#18 This handsome fellow is having a great trip to the park

#19 How could you not squeeze the cheeks of this fashionable young gentleman?


Hands are really dug in, looks painful. Sorry, doggie. -Luck Yeah

#20 Some people don’t want to be identified as doggo cheek squeezers. Not me.

#21 This doggo checks into a relaxing day spa


Very massage. Much feel nice. How squish. Pretty epic. -Jeeves

#22 Look at that big smile!


#23 Extra skin is for squeezing!

What? No treat? -Luck Yeah

#24 Can you not?

#25 Old doggos don’t like it as much


Face lift. Looks ten years younger. -Luck Yeah

#26 But puppies love it!

#27 More puppy face squeezing action

Someone’s not very happy about doggy squishes. -Jeeves

#28 Full face scrunching is always an option



#29 Adorable snow dog smiles through a necessary cheek squeeze

Those innocent eyes tho… -Jeeves

#30 You can make them have a beard!

Is it just me or is his face totally a heart? Figures that the love from his eyes would be reflected in his squishable face as well. Don’t you want just to reach in and pinch those cheeks? Because I am certainly having a hard time not wanting to break my screen.

#31 Or do it with one hand!

#32 Sometimes the results…


#33 …aren’t always pretty!

There’s a bit of judgement happening here. -Rebekah

#34 Unless your doggo is dressed up like this fellow!


#35 Scruffy doggos are begging to be squeezed

I do not appreciate this, hooman. -Sardonic Scribe

#36 So are neatly groomed doggos!

#37 Get in close and give him a good squeeze


That is just irresistable.. that squishiness. -Rin Rin

#38 This doggo is shy about having his cheeks squeezed


So many Shiba Inus!!! -Kayla Richardson

#39 You can give those ears a squeeze too!

#40 This one goes crazy for a good face squeeze


That’s the way the French do it. C’est manifique! -Luck Yeah

#41 A day out in the park isn’t complete without a good face squeeze!

When your great aunt Helen insists on pinching your cheeks… MUST ENDURE!!! -Ana-Maria Dan

#42 Before and after a cheek squeeze!


#43 Cheeky doggo gets his cheeks squeezed


#43 This doggo doesn’t quite know what’s going on…


Let gooooooooooooooooo! -Alessia Facchin

#45 And this one strikes a pose


#46 Big ear doggo begging for a face squeeze!


#47 This big doggo gets a big face squeeze


I love doing this to my kitty. -Pi..

#48 Cute little doggo gets his face stretched out!


#49 This pupper is more than happy to have his cheeks squeezed!


OMG, there’s a hippopotamus in there. -Luck Yeah

#50 So next time you see a doggo…


#51 …make sure to give him a good squeeze


That’s a squishable doge. -Spidget Finner

#52 Because look how sad he is without it!

So there we have it, proven by science, the ten most squeezable dog cheeks ever. Next time your friends or family try to tell you not to bug the dog, link them to this article and tell them science cannot be argued with. And don’t forget to comment down below to let us know if your dogs cheeks are this squishable!

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