14 Doggy Glow-Ups That Prove How Grooming Can Transform Your Dog

Even dogs need some grooming from time to time.

And we as owners should allow our dogs to have fun too. I mean, don’t we change our hair color or looks from time to time? So why shouldn’t we let our dogs do the same? From rainbow tails to pink ears, these dogs have it all. And you can tell from their facial expression.

These dogs went from frumpy to floofy, and we are here for their amazing and colorful transformations. While these pictures might inspire you, we do not recommend doing these yourself as all the products used are dog safe, and this kind of stuff should only be attempted by a dog groomer.

#1 Loving the purple tail!


#2 He looked so sad in the before picture.

But he sure does look happy in the after picture.


#3 A little snip here and a little snip there is all he needed.

#4 Now, this is one heck of a transformation.

#5 He sure does love the new look.

#6 Wow is all I can say.

#7 Do I even need to say anything?

#8 Damn, that tail is a sight to see.


#9 A big yes for me.

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Daisy's first haircut.

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#10 His facial expression says it all.

#11 He looks a lot more happy in the after picture.

#12 We got a model right here.

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@buscabulla and ✨@alll_of_olive✨

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#13 I don’t know about you, but that is too much pink for me.

#14 I am utterly mesmerized.

Which one of these transformations did you love the most? Comment down below and let us know.

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